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I get really frustrated when I hear women (well-educated women, no less!) saying that they need to get pregnant to 'cure' their endo. There are a million websites and studies, etc. which show this doesn't work, and yet, they still think getting knocked up will spare them. That's a good reason to have a kid (especially when you're a poor college student, unwed and living with your parents). People drive me nuts. It's the same as the hysterectomy debate.... yes, it helps some women, but not all women, and there are no guarantees. I had one and it made very little difference in the long run. I was pain free for about a year. I know endo is painful and takes over our lives, but I don't think running out and getting pregnant (or forever removing the chance to someday do so) when it hasn't been proven to work is grasping at straws.

On to a more interesting topic, how many of you find that your endo responds to stress and/or diet changes? I have found that cutting out red meat and dairy seems to improve my symptoms greatly. Unfortunately, there's dairy in a lot of stuff. I also avoid alcohol and caffeine. I take too many prescription drugs to drink and caffeine gives me the stomach ache (and, later, cramps) from hell.


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